Bt smart hub 2 latest firmware

bt smart hub 2 latest firmware

bt smart hub 2 latest firmware

聽路 Re: Smart Hub 2 Latest Firmware June 2020 My Smart Hub 2 updated to v0.17.01.12312-BT on Sat Jul 18 00:05:56 2020 I noticed it were restarting overnight for several nights, every 2 to 3 nights, before and after the update.

聽路 My smart hub 2 connected to gfast says the firmware is v0.17.01.12301-BT and was updated on 4-Mar-2020. I really would like to get the option to split 2.4/5 Ghz wireless bands back as on the hub 6 I was able to do this. Now I have to run two routers to achieve the same thing. 馃槥

聽路 Hi, is v0.17.01.12301-BT the latest version of the BT Smart Hub 2 firmware? From the technical log, it appears that this firmware is from Mon Dec 30 19:16:29 2019, even thought I just recieved this update on the 25th of Feburary.

聽路 Re: Smart Hub 2 Firmware @Kian My system recently rebooted and no update for me either. It would be nice if BT gave some clue about when updates are being rolled out, and even better if they posted somewhere what updates/revisions any new firmware delivered.

聽路 I use a BT Smart Hub 2, Out of interest did the firmware SG4B1000E020. keep the BT wi-fi status to Not Active ?

聽路 Re: Smart Hub 2 Firmware @Paul_31 the SmartHub 2 is a bit weird as I know a few people with it and all seem to act different, Myself and couple of other people I know who use the SH2 the router reboots every 14 days on schedule and then couple of other people I know who also have the SH2 the router seems to reboot randomly with no schedule, we all have the same router and on the exact 鈥

BT Smart Hub 2 features advanced filters. They filter out interference that can negatively impact on Wi-Fi performance. BT Smart Scan technology. The BT Smart Hub 2 constantly monitors your hub鈥檚 connection. If it spots a problem, it will quietly make changes, reboot and make a fresh connection. All at a time that doesn鈥檛 impact your ...

聽路 I'm curious how updates are delivered to the Smart Hub and how long is normal to wait for an update to be received after plugging the hub in after a while. I plugged my Smart Hub in earlier today after a while of using a third-party router, but it hasn't picked up any updates. It's currently on the SG4B10002244 firmware but I'd like to update ...

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The BT Smart Hub (formerly BT Home ... Consequently, the Home Hub 1.0 can be flashed with some firmware such as that for the 7G; however full functionality cannot be achieved using this method. The Home Hub 1.5 firmware, whilst not hardware locked as previously claimed, does have extra locks in the bootloader which can now be circumvented and full functionality achieved. [citation needed ...

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